Yoga is to weigh the universe with a feather light breath.

Yoga is the silence of the soul now being conceived.

Yoga is Bodhi tree.

Yoga is Siddhartha sitting forty nine days and nights
– absolutely still.

Yoga is the forest clearing where the Upanishad recites itself.

Yoga is the sacred fire whose flames are the Vedic chants.

Yoga is the cave wherein Zarathushtra holds discourses with Fire for ten years in silence.

Yoga is the burning bush whereby Moses is initiated into the secret name “I am”.

Yoga is the yoke of the chariot whereon Krishna sits to show to Arjuna the universe-body of Self.

Yoga is the revelation of the cosmos-epic in a micro-moment’s lightning which is thereupon recited in a million aeons.

Yoga is the crystal of intuition in which no colour, but light alone, reflects.

Yoga is wordless song, depth that is height, a breath that breathes most only when it ceases.

Yoga is the meekest power, weaponless warrior, motion as stillness, the feast of fasting, soundless shout, the river of resilience, thoughtless thought, and the mind abandoned and left behind.

Yoga is the Mother Grace, Infinity face to face where rocks turn into fathomless boundless space.

Yoga is that which grants one the ‘Nothing’.

Any less, then it is mere “?Yoga”, “question-yoga”!

A Yoga Centre is one where aspirants sit not within four walls but have their meditation seats inside the Guru’s vastly expanded heart cave.

May yours be a centre where yoga of  above wisdom is taught and practised.

Swami Veda Bharati